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I will kick you in the balls stupid dickhead!

I will kick you in the balls stupid dickhead!
  • Dauer: 12:55
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  • Datum: 15.03.2017
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Script : Dickhead! Do I give you a hard-on? Show me your dick Are you getting a boner? You have a small dick I can’t believe how tiny your dick is! Is your dick getting hard? Your dick is too small I will chop your dick off Girls will laugh at your small dick! I’m going to cut your dick off I want to watch your dick get hard Put your dick in my mouth I want to bite your dick off How does it feel when your dick is getting hard? Can I watch your dick get hard? You have a boner! It’s so funny how guys have no dick control at all. I love making dicks hard I’m going to rip your dick off! Boner! Hard-on Erection! I love kicking guys in the balls I’m gonna chop your balls off I want to kick you in the balls Girls own your balls I will cut your balls off I’m