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Beautiful Mermaid V

Beautiful Mermaid V
  • Dauer: 28:00
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  • Datum: 10.03.2017
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You begin the video poolside wearing your swimsuit carrying your black fins and the big blue vintage looking leaky mask. You put on your fins then your mask and swim in the pool. Then your mask is leaking and full of water, so you swim to the side of the pool and take it off and your man hands you the new mask ???? He says you can test it by swimming around underwater but he wants a payment. You say „I am in the pool I have no money“ He says „you can pay me in the bedroom“ You climb out of the pool wearing all your gear and follow him to the bedroom and have sex and blowjob with a cumshot on the mask at the end. Keep your swimsuit, mask and fins on for the sex scene please ???? you can slide the suit to one side for sex.